The past decade has been an interesting one, to say the least. Whenever we look at pictures from the 50’s, we not only admire them but also wonder how they would look in these times. With amazing image enhancement tools such as an AI-powered photo colorizer, you can take any old photo and colorize it. This adds an additional layer of immersion to visuals that are already compelling. We will take a look at the life in color pics 1950s edition. The ten 1950s pictures in color properly showcase the power of modern image editing applications while portraying pictures from the 50’s in a different way. Not to mention that you can use VanceAI Photo Restorer to repair damaged old photos from the 50’s and others.

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Best 10 Pictures from the 50’s Colored by AI

1. New Car

The first picture from the 1950s in color comes from an AI colorization tool from VanceAI, an photo enhancer SaaS platform. It is an image of a newly bought car parked just outside a house. It also helps you finish the task of image enhancement with one single click even if you have not sophisticated skills. So the work of enhancing the image is merely a breeze if you take advantage of the tool. Your picture will be enhanced to a newer level with no effort.

If you are interested, you can try to colorize your image now or download it directly from the pop-up window on the right without leaving this article.

VanceAI-New Car

To be specific, the above image contains a noticeable amount of detail. The VanceAI colorization tool does a pretty good job with the colors. The visuals are realistic and have accurate colors. The colors of the house and the rims of the car are done near flawlessly. The color of the car could’ve been a little better, however.

2. The Busy Streets

The image shows a busy street during daytime with a group of kids having fun by the street.

VanceAI-The Busy Streets

The colorization tool has presented quite a colorful output with mostly accurate tones. There is a bit of chromatic aberration or similar outlines visible in the image, specifically on the window of the car and on some of the people in the background. Other than that, however, the image applies perfect colors to the image and does really well with shadows and reflections.

3. Inside the Bus

The image portrays all the passengers on board in the bus with a young daughter excitedly calling her mother and pointing outside.

VanceAI-Inside the Bus

Due to the number of people present in the image, there are also a variety of different colors that the application has to match. The interiors of the vehicle look natural with perfect tones applied throughout the image. The picture balances the lighting as well, with the indoors and the daytime outside. Finally, the application also makes sure that the passengers have good definition in terms of lighting and colors.

4. The Bowling Alley

The visual is of an exciting and happening bowling alley. The frame captures the energy really well as the woman throws down the ball for a perfect hit.

VanceAI-The Bowling Alley

This is one of the best 1950s pictures in color from the VanceAI Photo Colorizer tool as it nails pretty much everything and converts the image into something you’d expect. The image is pretty sharp as it defines each detail well. A couple of previous images had minor issues such as the effects of chromatic aberration but this image doesn’t have such issues at all. The colors are fantastic and lively, regardless of where you focus.

5. Family

Old family photos are always a treasure. Family photos were one of the popular pictures from the 50’s and this image is a good example of one.


Similar to the previous image, the colorization tool does an excellent job at keeping the colors as fresh and realistic as possible while also keeping away from the minor issues. This image is really subtle and sharp. The application also colors the background really well as it contains more detail than expected.

6. Trips Outside

The following visual features a family on a trip outside, posing by their car with the luggage strapped on.

VanceAI-Trips Outside

Upon first look, the aspect that is most noticeable is the background. The colored image has a certain vibrant feel to it because of the lively background. The colorization tool has converted the background with great detail as well as the rest of the image. The car has the perfect colors, including the realistic looking windows and reflections. There are a bit of smudging colors but it’s not enough to be distracting.

7. The Shop

The image shows a shop with possibly the owner standing outside on a sunny day.

VanceAI-The Shop

This is one of the better 1950s photos as it conveys much about the time. The image is of a shop that seems to be just opening for the day and possibly the owner standing outside to grab a photo. The application does well to convert the large window with accurate colors. A bit of the smudging does appear towards the owner’s hand but otherwise, the colors are really well done.

8. Car Parks

This is a frame that contains a car parking zone on a cloudy but bright day and a few people walking.

VanceAI-Car Parks

When we look towards the immediate car park area, we can say that the colors are fairly well done though they look glossy. While the colors did have glossy overalls, the bit sharper detail would be better. Other than that, the image looks pretty clean. The skies and the background are impeccable and represent the visuals really well.

9. The Cinema

A photo of the popular entertainment medium of those times and even now. The point of view is from the opposite lane.

VanceAI-The Cinema

There are multiple elements in this image that this VanceAI Photo Colorizer application has managed to do well. The black and white image has a noticeable light hitting the roof of the buildings, which is perfectly done in the colored image as well. The theater or cinema itself looks attractive with a realistic brown tone. Having an understanding of the photo repair tool, you can also get the same effect above. All that can be done in a matter of seconds.

10. Diners

A crowded diner with busy waitresses and cooks.


The colored version of these pictures from the 50’s add to the feeling of the time and offer more to the story behind these images. The application has done a good job to add distinct colors to each element of the image though there is a brown tinge that overlaps the back of the image. The image has a great color hue over the glass and metallic objects present in the image.


The VanceAI application is an excellent option to get 1950s pictures in color as well as other kinds of black and white images as well. Moreover, you can use Online Photo Restorer on the same website to remove scratches from old photos. If you have an old image, such as from the 50’s, which has incurred damage over time, you can just process it through the tool and get it fixed. 1950s photos are a joy to watch as they are informative and compelling, which makes applications like the Photo Colorizer a must-have. Also read: Best 10 Colorized Historical Photos Generated by AI.

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