Colorized historical photos have many uses, especially when you consider aesthetics and education. Thankfully, AI based image processing tools can easily bring about colorized historical photos that you can use immediately for presentations, wallpapers, and more. One such AI based tool is the Vance AI Photo Colorizer, which can provide colorized historical photos automatically and conveniently. Thus, in this article, we will look at quite a few historical photos colorized and brought back to life. Not to mention the application's features and ‘how-to’ steps as well. 

New Product Recommendation—Vance AI Photo Restorer

Vance AI Photo Restorer is an online tool to help you repair the old photos damaged with scratches, fractures, and others. The historical photos generally have gone through a long time and due to that, most of them might have colors fading and prints tearing. That's why you need to repair them first to get stunning colorization effect eventually.

Old Photo Restoration

How to Get Historical Photos Colorized?

Follow these simple steps to get colorized historical photos anytime with ease. 

1. You can get started on making historical photos colorized by getting on Vance AI, a website of AI photo enhancer solution to find this colorize service. After that, click on Upload Image to prompt the Vance AI Workspace. The Workspace is where you can check your current subscription details such as remaining credits. 

Colorized Historical Photos

2. Use the plus sign at the left to select an image from your device and upload it into the image colorizer. Click on Start to Process and wait for a few seconds as the tool processes the image. 

Colorized Historical Photos

3. A notification will show up on the Processed tab. This is where you see all processed images. Click on the Preview icon on the right of the image to open the Before-After images. Use Download Image to save the image.

Colorized Historical Photos

This is an easy and direct way to get historical photos colorized and brought back to life. 

Examples of Colorized Historical Photos

Now we will colorize black and white photos online and place these historical photos in contrast with their colorized historical photos. 

1. Apollo Space Project exhibition, McArthur Hall, Institute of Applied Science (Science Museum), Melbourne, 1968

Colorized Historical Photos

The colorized rare historical photos are recreated pretty well by the application. The process time was short too. 

2. Julia Obear, messenger girl at the National Women's Party headquarters, Photograph from the National Photo Company Collection, 1922

Colorized History Photos

The application gives historic photos in color with great lighting as well. This particular image is actually well lit and the tool does well in emulating that. 

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3. Portrait of Children in Garden, 1890

Historical Colorized Photos

This is a great example of historical photos colorized by the Vance AI tool because this particular image is near flawless with the right colors, right lighting, and right clarity. 

4. House at 10 Marshall Street, oldest brick building in Boston, 1884-1967

Historic Photos in Color

This is one of the colorized rare historical photos which the application again manages to portray brilliantly. 

5. Ken Turner Using Kodak Camera, Melbourne, circa 1940s

Colorized Rare Historical Photos

The colors are really realistic in this conversion, making historic photos in color much more appealing. 

6. Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year's Day, 1943

Photo Colorizing

Though such historical colorized photos are not exactly flawless like the others, there is still enough contrast and sharpness in the conversion that is considerable.

7. Apprentices at Newport Power Station, August 1948.

Historical Photos Colorized

Historical colorized photos like these are always good to see because they are believable and usable in many situations and platforms. 

8. Luxor Temple, statue de Ramses II (XIX dyn.). Circa 1929

History Photo Colorized

This is one of the colorized history photos that has been given a more nuanced look through the AI application. There is much more emphasis on shadow and color correction here.

9. Adams Mansion, Quincy, Mass. Photographer: Abdalian, Leon H. Date: October 10, 1929

Historical Photos Colorizing

10. Marchers with signs at the March on Washington, 1963

Colorizing Photo


1. Are colorized history photos accurate?

Colorized history photos are recreations by AI applications that process images. The algorithm mainly predicts the potential colors of the image that it is currently processing. Therefore, while it is extremely difficult to get a hundred percent accurate picture, the AI technology is still sophisticated enough to produce an image that looks realistic enough and precise enough.

2. How are historical photos colorized?

Colorized history photos are made by the AI and Deep Learning mechanisms that exist within AI based image processing tools, such as Vance AI Photo Colorizer and The application uses its experience of reading a huge number of images in order to reconstruct new images. The same process goes for other kinds of images as well. 


Colorized historical photos have a lot of potential not merely because of their aesthetics but also because of their ability to portray history from a whole new perspective. They can also be used to showcase the powerful performance of image editing tools of today. As users, you can post them on social media, use them for presentations, or even have these historic moments as cool wallpapers. Or you can explore more AI image enhancer services in Vance AI to create more possibilities. You may also like How to Colorize Old Photos with