If we could summarize sports photography, we would say that it is one of the most exciting types of photography. Sports are filled with action, unpredictable outcomes, intense emotions, and more, which also gives sports photography all of those qualities as well. Not to mention that there are a huge number of sports in the world, all of which are completely different from each other. Also, it is commonly accepted that sports photography is difficult to learn and do well. However, you can use the sports photography tips discussed in this guide to improve your sports photography skills and possibly learn some new tools like VanceAI to help you shoot better sports photography.  You can use an image resolution enhancer to level up your photos.

Best 10 Sports Photography Tips

1. Use the Burst Mode

The reason behind this tip is easy to understand. Most sports involve a lot of movement, gestures, and great moments. When you are using any other mode in your camera, it is easy to miss those great shots within a second. However, with a burst mode, you can set your camera to take multiple photos, be it three or five photos. Regardless, you automatically increase your chances of capturing a moment frame by frame.

Use the Burst Mode

When you look back at your reel, you will definitely find at least one photo that is simply perfect. Not to mention that the burst mode allows you to be more relaxed, knowing that you don’t have to worry about split-second timing. In worst cases, tools like VanceAI Image Sharpener can help you pamper your photo and deblur the image to improve its quality. 

2. Maintain Quantity

While many would say quality over quantity, it should also be considered that you can’t achieve high-level quality without taking a bunch of photos. This is especially true for sports action photography. For one, sports have a lot going on in the field and also in the pavilion. To capture the essence of the sport, you should try and seek photography opportunities everywhere.

Maintain Quantity

You can take photos of the field, players, and also the crowd. You could also try to capture the quieter, more strategic moments of the sport by taking photos of the team outside the field.

3. Try Different Angles and Perspectives

Sports photography can allow you to try out a lot of different angles and perspectives. As mentioned in the above tip, you can always try to shoot from the perspective of the crowd or the team members outside the field. Other than that, however, you still have many options. You can equip various lenses in order to get a different feel.

Try Different Angles and Perspectives

You can use a wide-angle shot to capture the entire stadium or take a portrait of a fan whose enthusiasm reaches beyond pictures. You can take low-angle shots as well, which look really great with grassy stadiums of Cricket and Soccer.

4. Focus on the Sport Equipment

You will find many sports photography examples wherein the visual simply showcases the equipment that the particular sport uses. For example, you can find images of just a basketball, a cricket bat, or a tennis racket. These images are good at giving viewers a feel of the sport while also conveying a story.

Focus on the Sport Equipment

The above image is of a cricket ball that informs the viewer about the sport. However, it also tells of a cricket match that happened that day as you can see from the worn-out ball.

5. Use Camera Settings Per Situations

It is not just the sport itself that is dynamic, but also the weather situations. When it comes to sports such as Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, etc. the weather can change unpredictably. You could go from bright sunny weather to a cloudy one pretty quickly. In many instances, it even starts to rain suddenly. Therefore, it is better to come prepared beforehand and to change your camera lenses and settings on the go.

Use Camera Settings as per Situations

For example, a sunny climate usually requires a lower ISO whereas the opposite is true for climates with low lighting. By capitalizing on these sudden changes, you can have a brilliant sports photography experience as well as special photos.

6. Learn About the Sport

Although this doesn’t deal with the photography aspects much, it is really important regardless. You should definitely know about the sport that you are taking photos of. Sports are incredibly fun to watch but they are just as complex as well. Knowing the sport allows you to have the kind of perspective that others simply wouldn’t. Even if you do not play the sport, you should at least read about it in detail before starting to photograph it.

There may come moments in the game that others are cheering on but you would miss it because of not being able to understand what’s going on.

7. Follow Famous Events and Channels

You can get a lot of inspiration and ideas simply by following popular sports events and the channels that cover those events. Even news outlets and magazines tend to have amazing photo coverage of events which are taken by various types of cameras and similar equipment. You can then try out many of the photos yourself and even try to improve on them. For example, the sport of cricket probably has the most number of cameras out of any. They use drones, spider cams, and tripod setups, and they also have cameras fitted inside sports equipment.

Follow Famous Events and Channels

Naturally, it is unrealistic for a single photographer to have so much equipment but you can still view their results get some ideas of your own, and take photos with the technology you have.

8. Use Enhancement tools

You can use an image resolution enhancer to level up your photos.

Image enhancement and editing services are really useful in giving your images that extra polish. You can do the same for sports photography as well. You can make use of websites such as VanceAI Image Enhancer from VanceAI, Photoshop, or LunaPic. Services like this tool allow you to fix any issues with blurs and image noise and enhance the quality of the image without changing it. As for the VanceAI tool, it mainly is a one-click AI solution to help enhance photo details and improve image quality to a higher level online within several seconds. So, this part aims to give you some useful enhancement tools to produce better sports photography. 

If you are interested, you can try to enhance your image now or download it directly from the pop-up window on the right without leaving this article.

the homepage of VanceAI Image Enhancer

9. Be Alert

Considering how fast-paced sports can be, you should keep your sports photography engaging as well. While it is not possible to be hyper-aware of each and everything going on, you can still focus during high moments of the game. There are always certain moments in each sport that tend to have intense plays. For example, the last remaining minutes of a soccer game, the second innings of cricket, a win-or-lose round of table tennis, and more.

Be Alert

These moments give the game an emotionally high moment not just for the players but also for the audience. So, you can capture those edge-of-the-seat, high-stakes moments with your sports photography and have visuals that feel authentic.

10. Push Your Camera and Gear

Besides the shutter speed and burst mode, there are many other options that your camera and gear offer. You should consistently use your inventory in different ways in order to get fresh photos and ideas. You can also do that while trying out action sports photography. By extension, you can experiment more by simply attending sports events that are outside your expertise or comfort.

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Push Your Camera and Gear

Besides traditional sports such as rugby, gymnastics, or swimming, you can dabble in skateboarding, biking, and similar.


Sports photography is a highly dynamic, intense, and unpredictable form of photography. With sports, you have to keep a lot in mind, as well. Sports are thrilling but also complex in their rules and systems. As a sports photography expert, you should thoroughly know about your sport and make sure to adapt to the challenges it brings. On the other hand, sports photography provides you with a high number of opportunities and if you are a fan as well, you will have the best time photographing everything there is. With the help of the photo enhancer from VanceAI committed to enhancing the quality of your picture to a higher level within several seconds, maybe you can produce some of the best photography in the sports industry. 

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