While many tools have difficulties in image upscaling and retaining original quality, tools like vector magic and image upscaler ensure the preservation of the original quality while enhancing it further.

Hence, this article will give a detailed review of these two tools and how best to leverage them for your image editing needs.

What is Vector magic

Vector magic is a tool that can be used to transform images to vector. The sole aim of this tool is to convert images in JPG, PNG BMP and GIF to SVGs and PDF file formats thereby providing immense upgrade in the picture quality.

Vector magic offers both online and offline service since you can install it on your desktop also.

Vector Magic

Unlike many other tracing tools, vector magic free is quite unique since it is built to generate utmost precision in tracing out the objects on your image. Every little pixel is analyzed and considered while using the right number of nodes to ensure the details are accounted for.


  • Quality image vectorization with precision
  • Advanced AI tracing
  • Easy user interface with minimal learning period


  • Limited free trial option
  • Complex bitmap images may be difficult to convert
  • Loading time can be too long especially on complex images

How to use Vector magic?

Step1: Go to the official site and upload your image. This could be done by clicking on Pick image to upload or use the drag and drop feature or the URL copy and paste.

Vector_step 1

Step2: After image upload, wait for the tool to automatically process the image. Then review it and edit by using the options on the right pane. You can even improve the overall conversion to high just to increase the quality.

Step3: Click on Download result to get your quality image vector to PDF or SVGs.

Vector_step 2

What is AI image upscaler?

Image upscaler_step 1

Image Upscaler is an advanced AI-powered tool that can upscale images up to 8x the normal size while preserving original quality. This tool is built for both professionals and everyday users. 

One of VanceAI image upscaler is it uses convolution neural and generative adversarial networks i.e. image upscaling doesn’t work on pixels to improve the image quality.

With this tool, you can upscale images while presenting extra details that might have been lost to noise in the original one. This will help improve overall image presentation.

To use this tool, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step1: Navigate to the VanceAI site by clicking on the link above and click to upload an image. This will take you to the media page for image uploading. 


Step2: Uploading the image for upscaling can be done either by simply uploading from the device or through the drag and drop option. After this, click on ‘start to process’. 


Step3: Wait for the tool to automatically process the photo and upscale the image. From the ‘processed’ page, there is an option to preview the output with the original image. Also, the upscale image can be further edited by clicking on the edit icon. step3.jpg

Step4: Proceed to click on the ‘download’ icon to save the image. 

Before Vs. After Comparison

be4 v after.jpg

From the laptop image example above, the changes are quite evident. Image Upscaler has improved the poster on the right side while preserving the quality. Also, the details in the image are more obvious and improved due to the upscaling. Further, the after image shows more clarity and has a much better overall quality when compared to the before. The edges are more refined with more attention to the colors and elements on the objects.


The major differences are

  1. Vector magic focuses on tracing the pixels to generate better vector images out of the original bitmap images while Image upscaler uses generative adversarial network that does not include pixels for upscaling.
  2. One very important benefit of using Vector magic is the vector magic torrent that can be used on the desktop offline. This is not possible with Image upscaler since it is restricted only to online features.
  3. Vector magic’s performance on highly pixilated images is lacking. Meanwhile, Image upscaler excels here by clearly upscaling highly pixilated images without hassles.
  4. In terms of the available post editing features available, Vector magic is considerably minimal when compared to Image upscaler. Editing the final output on vector magic is basic with limitations to what you can do.

Common features

Both Image upscaler and Vector magic share the following features:

  1. They are both used as upscaling tools for improved image quality. While they take different approaches to image improvement, they are both used for the same purpose.
  2. Both of the tools make use of advanced AI algorithm for their operations with little to no manual efforts.

From the Vector magic review, it is obvious that Image upscaler is better in terms of performance and editing features. Also, the user interface is more immersive and advanced on Image upscaler, thereby making navigation easier for users.


Where does vector magic pictures get downloaded to?

  • The image is downloaded to your device depending on the selected file format chosen for download.


This article has provided basic overview of what Vector magic and Image upscaler are about by highlighting their features, pros and cons. Image upscaler emerges as the preferred option because of its image enhancer feature. To be specific, it helps you finish the task of image enhancement with one single click even if you have not sophisticated skills. At the same time, it is able to enhance the resolution of your picture to a higher level within several seconds. Make better images with AI image enhancer easily. One click to increase image resolution with image resolution enhancer and get your images crisper, cleaner, and ultra HD. Also, when you need a tool to make image enlarge, it may be the wise call to consider these tools reviewed here.

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