Composition in photography is the essence that attracts a viewer's attention to the main theme or subject of the photograph. In that case, high-quality composition in photography increasingly becomes a necessary thing for most users. Even though new photographers add their creative genius to all their photographs, most of them still struggle with their composition. Not to mention that bad composition can ruin your photographs. Here, VanceAI Image Enhancer will be introduced to help you enhance image quality of composition in photography, and show more details. The whole process will be done automatically in a matter of seconds almost without human effort involved except for a few clicks.

What is the definition of composition in photography?

Composition in a photograph refers to the way a photographer arranges the visual elements, including the subject and objects in a photo. You can change the class of a shot with the right composition skills even if all the other elements are not good. The idea behind composition in photography is to make the viewer understand the concept of your photo and the message hidden in it.

Street Photography Tips

Sometimes you have control over the subjects and objects of your photograph like cinematic/campaign shoots, but sometimes you don't get to decide who will be in your frame and who won't like street photography. Similarly, even in some still frames, you don't have the liberty to move objects like composition in landscape photography. However, you can still create masterpieces if you wait for the right moment to capture and apply the proper composition rules.

Editing as an integral part of the composition in photography

Once you get the right composition and set up for your photographs, but you still want to enhance them a bit more to add a professional touch, you can edit them quickly by using an AI Image upscaler from VanceAI, for example.


The VanceAI online tool is helpful in increasing the resolution of your already perfect photo and adding realism to it. The best part of this tool is that it is really easy to use. Simply drop your images in and all will be done by the AI. Especially, if you want to do further enhancement to your images, you can also find more AI features in VanceAI. For example, it can help you sharpen your images if you use its unblur image feature.

5 Good composition in photography examples

Even though there are no such rules for composition in photography, these below-mentioned 5 techniques will still help you in any kind of photographs that you might take in the future.

1. Subject isolation

A camera on a table

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The first technique that we will talk about is subject isolation that you can create by blurring the background and using a wide aperture. Subject isolation is the best way to create a simple yet effective composition in photography.

2. Centered symmetry

A picture containing ceiling, indoor, platform, blue

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Most photographers do not like to place their subject in the center of the frame; however, a centered subject can work well for you if you are going for symmetrical photography.

3. Frame within a frame technique

A picture containing mirror, outdoor, reflection, arch

Description automatically generated

We all like the concept of pictures taken while somebody is standing in a window because it adds the frame within a frame effect that adds more depth to your photographs. You can look for arches and branches to take photographs and make them effective.

4. Cool patterns and the right texture

A picture containing basket

Description automatically generated

A good composition in photography is incomplete without some cool visual effects like attractive patterns and texture that add a pleasing and happy aesthetic to your photographs.

5. Minimalism is the key!

A bowl of oranges

Description automatically generated

It is essential to make sure that the background you're using for your photographs is simple and there is no excessive use of color or patterns to distract the viewers from the main subject of your photographs.

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Why is composition important in photography?


Composition in photography is crucial because it enables all the elements in your photographs, including your objects and subject, to stand unanimously and allow the viewer to observe the intricate details and the central theme.

A good composition in photography enables the viewer to absorb the conceptual theme of a photograph and appreciate the aesthetic sense. No matter what method of composition you opt for in your photographs, it can be conventional or unconventional, but it should deliver its purpose.

Sometimes you use extremely brilliant art pieces in your photographs as objects and style your subjects the best way you can, but they still fail to grab the viewer's attention, and that is because of bad composition. Or perhaps your photos cannot be clearly recognized so that some important details cannot be displayed. In that case, AI image enhancer, or VanceAI Image Enhancer, is able to do a good job of high-quality composition.

The reason is that composition gives every art piece you use in your photographs the correct detail and structure to make the observer rest his eyes on the focal point of your photograph. Composition in photography is important because it has the power to make your photos interesting for your viewers.

What are practical photo composition rules?


Now, let’s talk about the top 6 rules of composition in photography that you can follow to emphasize the focal point of your photographs.

1. Declutter the space

The first thing you need to remember while applying the right composition in photography is to declutter all the space where you are taking a photograph. The main idea is to avoid/ reduce all the possible noise you can and only include the elements you want in your photo to make it impactful.

2. Use the rule of thirds

One of the essential photo composition rules is the rule of thirds which means that you must divide your photo frame into imaginary horizontal and vertical lines of twos. This rule will help you divide all the elements into different spaces to fill your frame most artistically.

3. Use all the space


When taking a photograph, remember to use all the space of your frame; otherwise, it will look empty and incomplete. Sometimes we add too much ‘negative’ for the taste, which might not sit right with the idea of your photo, so make sure that you zoom in and fill in the space real nice.

4. Superficial and deep analysis

While looking at your photograph, you need to make both superficial and deep analyses which means you can go far away and look at your subject and objects to see if they are set at the right place. And similarly, you can go into the details after taking the photo to see if there is a need for any improvement.

5. Bring Dynamism

A good photographer with the right information of composition in photography knows that dynamic photographs can change the game for you. You can add dynamism by adding diagonal lines or altering some other input to the same setup for excellent photographs.

6. Study the work of famous photographer

Remember that you are never too good to study the work of a colleague or some famous photographer because it will always benefit you and increase your knowledge of composition in photography.


Here we want to conclude our article about composition in photography, and we hope you have learned something new that will help you polish your photography skills and add a magical effect to your photos.

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