Everything is made of pure data and numbers, including visuals such as images and videos. So, if you are wondering what is post processing, then it is simply a process of modifying images after they are taken, mostly to enhance it. Now, what is post processing in photography exactly? Photo post processing usually involves usage of software applications to edit and enhance photographs, such as an image enhancer we'll explore today, so that they can be used anywhere on the internet for marketing, design, wallpapers, etc. Let’s explore further. 

What is Post Processing in Photography?

As said above, image post processing is about changing the image data in order to edit and enhance it. Photography post processing is a process that makes use of software applications that are excellent in reading each pixel of images and replicating them into something better. We will be looking into a photo post processing software online named Vance AI for this. The AI based image editors can enhance images in much more detail than other types of tools. 

What is the Best Photo Post Processing Software Online?

Photo post processing techniques will mostly contain a software application. In this case, we will look into an AI image enhancer from Vance AI. Vance AI is an online and offline image editor product that offers a wide variety of photo post processing techniques in the form of applications. All of its tools are built from comprehensive AI algorithms that are great at reading images. Apart from that, the applications are capable of producing amazing results in a very short amount of time. 

How to Use Vance AI for Photo Post Processing?

Now that we looked into what is post processing, let’s go through a few short steps on how to start post processing images. 

1.  You can start by accessing Vance AI website and choosing any application that you want for your images. 

Home Page Vance AI

2.  Click on Upload Image, use the upload button, and click on Start to Process. 

Workspace Vance

3.  Go to the Processed tab and click on Preview. You will now see the image. Click on Download Image to save the image. 

Resutls VAnce

Performance of Vance AI

1. Product Image Post Processing

Product images are essential to marketing because they are the face and the end goal. It is important to highlight them in the best way possible. You can automatically create an AI Super HD version of your image by accessing this AI photo enhancer from Vance AI. 

Product SuperHD

The online application is AI based and has multiple features. It applies multiple features to the image and produces something more refined in a matter of seconds. 

2. Landscape Photography Post Processing 

You can also retouch photos and enhance them in subtle yet noticeable ways through this application. All you need to do is follow the same steps as given above. This particular photo retoucher application is best at changing the image in small ways that cause considerable effects. It will automatically adjust brightness, contrast, color correction, and more in the image. 

Lake Retouch

The application is good at landscape photography post processing, as it manages to revitalize given images completely. 

3. Portrait Photo Post Processing 

Portrait photography is a major kind of photography and representation. Learning what is post processing for this kind of photography is rather important because a great portrait can do wonders. 

Portrait SuperHD

The application adds a little bit to the new image such as some increase in brightness and color depth. 


1. What are photo post processing techniques? 

Thanks to the wide variety of software applications available now, there are naturally more techniques of post processing images as well. For starters, with a tool like Vance AI, you can photo retouch, enlarge images, get rid of noise and blur, and much more. These techniques can also be used together as you saw for AI Super HD and the portrait, which transform the image to a great degree. 

2. What is post processing? 

So what is post processing? Post processing, in simple terms, is the process of editing a captured image. Post processing can also involve many things and they depend on your requirement. If you want to enhance the quality of your image further, you can use specific tools like AI image enhancer or AI photo retoucher. Either way, the tools manipulate the pixels of the image in order to create the image you want. 


It can be confusing to know what is post processing but due to AI based tools from Vance AI, it becomes easier. The Vance AI tool, online or offline, offers multiple photo post processing techniques that the user can deploy without worry and get automatic results. As such, users are not required to be experts in image editing just to get some great photos. Also read: How to Enhance Image with Vance AI?