Want to try something different with wedding or kids' pictures? Creating beautiful fairy pictures fits that bill just perfectly. 

When it comes to getting that ethereal or fairy touch in images, there is no one-size-fits-all. However, there are still some considerations that will be applicable regardless. Hence, this article will cover these considerations, tips, and ideas to start capturing top-notch fairy pictures moving forward. 

The beauty of fairy pictures lies primarily in the quality. There is nothing ethereal about sub-par quality. Hence to optimize this, VanceAI Image Upscaler suite of upscaling image quality will come in handy. VanceAI has quite a terrific lineup of functionalities, powered by AI and tailored to maximize image quality without the hassle. Hence, it’s something no one should miss. 

What are Beautiful Fairy Pictures?

most beautiful fairy pictures

Fairies are, of course, abstract. However, we have a perception of what they should look like – ethereal, heavenly, and magical. Implementing this perception in photography is what births the concept of fairy photography. It involves replicating what those bedtime stories, folklore, and favorite book characters will actually look like. In essence, we are bringing fairies to life, making imaginations a reality. This begins from the composition to the lighting and post-production effort. If you're wondering where to begin, this article covers 10 practical tips and ideas to make everything more approachable. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can use some tools to make photo hd.

Best 10 Tips for Taking Beautiful Fairy Pictures

Make the hero a character 

most beautiful fairy pictures

Characters are the core of beautiful fairy pictures. Think of those heroes and heroines, understand their story, and tailor them to your photography hero. Remember, this is photography, not literature. So you want to get relevant costumes and build the character to have a pronounced identity. 

Play with the highlights 

You've probably seen several professionals advising that you shouldn't blow your highlight. Well, they're not wrong. But when taking pictures of fairy gardens or characters, blow up the highlight to get that airy feel. For the best effect, you may as well back-lit the subject and shoot it in RAW. 

Go Epic

Whether you’re shooting fairy pictures for a wedding or a fashion show, you can create that epic feel by taking the shot from the ground angle. Besides, if you're working with quite lengthy costumes, be sure to capture the entire length to further accentuate that storytelling feel. 

Be magical 

most beautiful fairy pictures

Magic is key to almost every fairytale. Hence, it should take up a role in your fairy pictures. If you can't create a somewhat magical feel with the real setting, some image manipulation tools can help you achieve that. Imagine taking a picture of Anna in Frozen, without showing those nature powers. It's incomplete.

Take portrait shot 

Leverage shadowy areas to get your portrait shots right. It is also important to bring the subject nearer. All in all, be sure that your hero is the single focus point with the remaining parts blurred out. This further facilitates that airy and pleasant feeling you’re looking to achieve. 

Smoky fairy picture 

If you want to try something different, throw in some smoke props. Smoke balls and bombs can help you achieve that dramatic smoke effect. If you're unable to get the right angles and smoke intensity, you may as well use some photo manipulation tools to get the effect right. If these tools perhaps take a toll on your picture resolution, an image upscaler can save the day. 

Focus on the hero 

most beautiful fairy pictures

Accentuating one focal point is what you should seek to achieve before pressing the shutter button. You can make specific areas darker and others lighter, ultimately introducing more focus to your subject. The key to achieving the best result in this regard is optimizing the position and intensity of your lights. 

Take a shot through objects 

Shoot through props such as natural elements, flowers, plastic- just anything. Doing this brings more perspective and dimension to your fairy picture. However, be sure not to cover the focal point of your lens. If you do, your lens might be unable to focus rightly. 

Production and post-production lighting 

Just like any form of photography, the lighting is not always perfect. But you want to try as much as possible to get something closer to the perfect lighting to ease your post-production edits. If you're not satisfied with the original output, load it in a photo editing tool and adjust it to taste. All in all the fairy lights with pictures should align optimally. 

Multi-shots blend 

Here, you want to blend several movements made by the subject. Of course, this is not easy to get with one shot. Hence, take multiple shots, each showing different movements, and combine them in your post-production effort. This is especially compelling when you're taking wedding shots. 

Upscale Pictures Without Resolution Loss 

No matter how beautiful your fairy pictures are, no one will break a sweat on them if the quality or resolution is not up to par. If you're faced with the dilemma of either deleting or re-setting the scene and capturing it again, the AI image upscaler powered by VanceAI technology can offer you a way out. This is a tool that can help you maximize photo quality and resolution by up to 8x with just a few clicks. It is powered by AI and deep learning convolutional neural networks, so you can always be sure of top-notch delivery, regardless of the size, or type of image you’re looking to process. The tool has been trained with millions of images. Hence, it can help identify even the most minute details and upscale them accordingly. What's even more compelling is you can use it for free. However, do remember that the free version is relatively limited, without batch processing and an 8x resolution option. 

How to enhance beautiful fairy pictures with VanceAI? 

VanceAI Image Upscaler homepage.

Step 1: Upload the beautiful fairy pictures you want to upscale, using the available upload options. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality as well, bringing more flexibility to the entire procedure. 

Use AI Enlarger_step 1

Step 2: Now, it's time to set those parameters. Select how enlarged you want your picture to be, choosing between the 2x to 8x options. You may as well tweak the noise and blur scales to your preference. Once you’re done, hit the Start to Process button. 

Step 3: preview or download the output. 

Use AI Enlarger_step 2

Before vs After 

Comparing both resolutions according to the image, you’ll notice that it has doubled its original value. Similarly, the colors and other details became more defined. This points to the fact that the overall image quality skyrocketed accordingly. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect from this AI tool. 

Similarly, another AI tool you'd definitely find handy in your fairy pictures effort is the VanceAI image denoiser. This is essentially a tool to help you get rid of those annoying grains and noise without the hassle.

If you are interested in making photos better with denoise reduction, check this article: How to Denoise Photo with VanceAI 

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How to remove grains from beautiful fairy pictures? 

  1. To do this, all you need is a tool to denoise image online, and the VanceAI image denoiser is your best best. The tool is powered by AI, so you can always be sure you're accessing the best output quality regardless.
  2. While you can use it for free, you can enjoy more features at a meager $9.9
  3. On accessing the tool, begin by uploading the image with the grains. 
  4. Next, you need to tweak the parameters such as the noise according to your preference. 
  5. You can then go on to preview the denoised picture and download it without the hassle.
  6. The typically takes only a few seconds. 


If you loved those magical adventures and fairytales, capturing them in fairy pictures is the best way to actualize them. In this article, we showed a few tips on how to get the most beautiful fairy pictures without the hassle. While following these tips, don't forget the image resolution enhancer tool, tailored to help you maximize overall quality. 

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