It's really a pleasure to recall something precious from the past, such as old photos, but sometimes it turns out to be sad when you realize that you cannot go back again. That's what we call nostalgia. Thanks to AI technology, we now have many ways to recreate our old photos and summon up the best memories by using nostalgia apps. With that said, let’s get into our list of the top 5 nostalgia apps.

Best 5 Nostalgia Apps

1. MyHeritage

Price: Free & Paid (Premium: $10.75/mo; PremiumPlus: $18.25/mo; Complete: $27.42/mo)

The amazing part of MyHeritage is that it allows you to build a family tree based on the old photos you upload. But to do so you have to create an account and sign in first. But once you sign in, you may use tools such as Incolor, Enhancer, and Deep Nostalgia to give you a wonderful experience of nostalgia.

My heritage deep nostalgia


  • Allows you to process images for free
  • Allows you to build a family tree and record information


  • There aren't many options
  • You have to create an account before using it

2. Vance AI Photo Restorer

Price: Free (3 Credits) & Paid (Basic: $9.9/mo; Pro: $19.9/mo)

The second place goes to Vance AI Photo Restorer, which allows you to fix damaged old photos by removing yellowing marks, scratches, fractures, etc. Equipped with powerful AI and ML technology, this nostalgia app shall be your best deep nostalgia alternative when it comes to photo restoration online.

Additionally, you can use another useful online tool from Vance AI--Vance AI Photo Colorizer as an optional step to see what colors these black and white photos were supposed to be.

Vance AI Photo Restorer


  • There are many options for further editing
  • Doesn't require an account to use it
  • Easy to use and totally automatically


  • Limited free credits
  • Doesn't allow management for the results.

3. Photomyne

Price: 3-day free trial & Paid ($9.99/mo)

While all the other apps are web-based tools to allow you to work with your old photos online, Photomyne also allows you to install it on your phones (iSO/Android). Meanwhile, it mainly serves as a scanner to digitalize your old photos.

Photomyne nostalgia app


  • Compatible with iOS/Android
  • Offers free trial (3 days)
  • Serves as a scanner to digitalize and save your old photos


  • You have to install a bunch of apps to edit your old photos


Price: Free (8 Credits) & Paid (Premium: $6/mo; Pro: $19/mo) can also be seen as a great deep nostalgia alternative with varied AI solutions for old photos, including colorizing, retouching, enhancing and repairing. You can use it as a one-stop solution to refresh your old photos and bring them back to life.

Imagecolorizer nostalgia app


  • Can be seen as a one-stop solution
  • Focuses on old photo optimization


  • The performance is not stable


Price: Completely free

If you have limited budgets but are still willing to use a nostalgia app, try then, a totally free app that allows you to add colors to your old black and white photos. With a simple UI design, it is quite easy to use. Simply upload your image and that's it.


  • Completely free to use
  • Easy to use with a simple UI design


  • Doesn't store your historical records
  • Doesn't allow further editing for accuracy


This list contains all the nostalgia apps or MyHeritage alternatives you’d need. For instance, with an app like Vance AI's image enhancer tool you can do multiple things to enhance old photos. You can first repair the image, then use the image sharpener tool, and finally top it off with the photo colorization tool. Similarly, other apps mentioned in this list can provide such features on desktop online and mobile. Also read: How to Use Myheritage Photo Enhancer