In the past, we would only go for professional help from a studio to fix old pictures. But is it really that hard to fix old pictures? In fact, fixing old pictures mainly consists of the following tasks: repairing damages, improve image quality, color restoration. Now, with some handy tools, we can easily do it by ourselves. Here we are going to share an intelligent image quality enhancer tool that does not require any retouching skills and can be used right away.

About Vance AI

Vance AI offers you a one-stop AI repair, restoration, and colorization solution to fix old pictures. As a full-suite image enhancer tools provider, it aims at offering an easy and intelligent way to improve image quality. When using it to fix old pictures, you may simply upload your old image and let AI repairs it by fixing sepia, removing scratches and fractures, and colorizing the black and white photo. 

How to fix old pictures with Vance AI?

The AI technology Vance AI adopts enables it to fix old pictures automatically. But you can still learn from this step-by-step guide to know this online image enhancer well.

Step 1: Access Vance AI

Go to the official website of Vance AI and select AI Repair & Restoration from its various recommended AI solutions.

fix old pictures with Vance AI

Step 2: Start to fix photo online

Click on "Start Now" to open its workspace and upload your old picture to this photo enhancer. After finishing uploading, hit the "Start to Process" button to fix photo online.

fix old pictures with Vance AI Start

Step 3: Save the download

Go to the processed page to find the result and download it to your devices.

fix old pictures with Vance AI Download

Optional Step: Auto-fix photos online with Vance AI Photo Restorer

If you just want to check the restoration effect of Vance AI, you may choose its AI picture restorer to auto-fix old photos online by removing sepia, scratches, fractures and spots.

fix old pictures with Vance AI Photo Restorer

Performance of Vance AI

Here is an old picture fixed by Vance AI Photo Restorer. You may see through the before-after comparison that the missing part of the man's eyes is perfectly made up. 

fix old pictures with Vance AI

Then, we may also use Vance AI to do a comprehensive restoration to the old picture, including fix the damages, add some color to the black and white photo.

fix old pictures with Vance AI


Thanks to the ever-evolving AI technology, now we can fix old photos online free with some AI-based photo restorers like Vance AI. Especially, using Vance AI to fix damaged photos doesn't require any skills for it can 100% auto-fix photo online. For us who have a bunch of old damaged photos to fix, such photo enhancer online tool is really helpful and also costs less. Also read: How to Restore Old Picture with the Help of AI Picture Restorer.


1.    How to make old photos look new online free?

To make old photos look new, you may have to fix the damages on them first. An online solution for you is to use a handy web-based AI picture restorer such as Vance AI Photo Restorer. Such online tools enable you to fix old pictures automatically and most of them are free to use.

2.    How can I fix old photos online?

With a handy online tool such as Vance AI, you can easily fix old photos online. Vance AI offers you a comprehensive AI restoration solution that allows you to auto-fix old photos online, including removing scratches, fractures, and spots. Additionally, you may use it to add some colors to your old black and white photos.

3.    Is there an app to fix old photos? 

Yes, there are many apps and web-based online tools available to fix old photos. Some of them are powered by AI technology and deep learning that can have your old photos smartly analyzed and fixed. Some AI tools like Vance AI can also offer you other image enhancer solutions, like colorization, sharpening, and brightening to enhance the old photos.