Reducing png file size can be extremely useful for many reasons. There are many tools to reduce png file size but there are issues that users usually face with them. For one, most tools do not reduce PNG file size nearly as enough as expected and even if they do, the quality drop in those images is highly noticeable.

Then you should use these PNG file size reducer tools to keep your images as efficient as possible. When using them on websites, the lower sizes will allow the web pages to load much quicker, resulting in better user experience and more room for design for developers. Other than that, efficient PNGs simply save too much storage and that is always a plus, no matter what kind of a user you are. 

10 Selective Tools to Reduce PNG File Size

Tool Price Features Options Support Device User-Friendly
VanceAI Free Batch processing up to 20 images, JPEG format Works on most browsers Yes
TinyPNG Free Batch processing up to 20 images, WordPress plugin Works on most browsers Yes
iloveimg Free Supports PNG only, easy drag and drop Works on most browsers Yes
CloudConvert Free Supports 200+ formats, compress PNG, JPG, PDF Works on most browsers Yes Free Image editing menu, supports up to 35 MB limit Works on most browsers No
Compressordie Free Multiple ways of compressing, supports multiple Works on most browsers Yes
pngquant Free Can compress up to 70% with high quality replication MacOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX No Free/Paid Advanced settings for compression Works on most browsers Yes
WebsitePlanet Free works on PNG and JPG Online tool Very easy
GiftofSpeed Free Multiple features to optimize website speed in addition to png compression Online tool Moderate



1. VanceAI Image Compressor

Price: This png size reducer tool is completely free to use online on pretty much any browser.

Perhaps the most useful thing about this tool is that VanceAI Image Compressor offers to batch uploading for all your images. You can upload all the way up to 20 images on the website tool and process them one by one. Either way, you can reduce png file size really quickly with this tool. Moreover, this tool supports another famous file format JPEG. Combining the batch uploading and the various file formats, you no longer have to worry about compressing any of your files.


  • Image Compressor has two really basic yet important features that enable users to reduce png file size.


  • Upload up to 20 images in bulk but no option to compress them at the same time

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2. TinyPNG

Price: TinyPNG allows you to reduce png file size for absolutely free and will probably be so in the future too.


TinyPNG is one of the most popular online tools for reducing png file size and similar to the previous app, it has the capability to batch process 20 images at once. In fact, you can go further than 20 by purchasing the Pro edition which will then allow you to upload more than 20 images. You will also get access to additional features that better handle your images. Apart from all this, TinyPNG offers plugin versions of its tool that you can attach to sites like WordPress, a perfect tool for blogs.


  • It has a lot of features besides just the compression.
  • It also has extensions to apply to websites.


  • It does not support too many file formats.

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3. iloveimg

Price: This png size reducer online tool is fully free to use and works on most browsers.


The iloveimg online tool has separate tools for each image file type and so this one focuses merely on PNG image file types. You can either select images by clicking on the blue button or by dragging and dropping images onto it. Not to mention that you can upload images through your Google Drive and Dropbox too. The process is intuitive, as it simply compresses the image that you have uploaded and downloads it instantly after that. Try it on


  • Intuitive UI design with automatic downloads and it also shows how much the image has compressed.


  • It does not have many extra features.

4. CloudConvert

Price: Though you can reduce image file size for free, you can still purchase a paid plan for more features.


They have their tools around compression and conversions hence it supports over 200 image file formats. They also have effective data security protocols to make sure that your data stays with you and only you. On the get go, you can compress PNG, JPG, and PDF, which are the most common compression requests anyway. Try it here


  • A wide variety of features and file format support.


  • The quality sometimes drops noticeably.


Price: This is a png size reducer online that is also free to use.


This online tool has many other features that you can use to complement this one. It has an in-built menu for image editing like adding effects, cropping, etc that you can use after optimizing your PNG image in the way you want. The image size limit is 35 MB in this application, which is really high for a free online png file size reducer. You can also choose to simply paste the URL link of the image instead of uploading it for faster work. Try it here


  • It has a host of other features that you can use for further enhancing your images.
  • Good image file size limit.


  • The UI can be designed in a better, more convenient way.

6. Compressordie

Price: This is a free to use reduce png file size compressor tool.


This tool has good compatibility for various types of image file formats and it also offers multiple ways to compress your PNG images. It also shows how each compression style works and affects the images. You can also paste image URLs here so you can skip downloading images just for compression. Try it here!


  • Multiple ways of compressing images.
  • Good compatibility.
  • Maintains image quality really well.


  • The UI can be a bit better.

7. pngquant

Price: This tool is not only free but it also offers a GUI version as well as command-line for various operating systems like MacOS, Windows, etc.


This tool is built with extreme efficiency, for it can compress an image all the way to 70% without losing image quality. It uses methods to replicate the colors of the original image with as much accuracy as possible. Try it here


  • It offers GUI and command-line for users who would prefer to use the app differently.


  • The compressions are not always on the mark.

8. freeconvert

Price: This tool is free to use but you can opt for better features and upgrades through any of its paid accounts starting from Basic at $9.99 per month.


You can reduce png file size in a really comprehensive manner with this tool. You only need to access the advanced settings on the website which will enable you to select precisely how much image quality you absolutely want maintained plus the number of colours, compression speed, and more. Furthermore, the application gets rid of uploaded images within 2 hours so there is a safety aspect included.


  • It is a comprehensive online tool to reduce png file size.


  • A batch processing option would be useful for the free version.

9. WebsitePlanet

Price: You can reduce png file size for free from this website.


Similar to the previous entry, WebsitePlanet also allows for a bit more flexibility regarding how you want to compress your images. You don’t have to set a number but instead choose compression levels from low to high. The tool also shows you how much image quality will be affected by the level of compression beforehand. It can compress an image all the way to 80% and works on PNG as well as JPG. Try it here


  • Really easy to use and convenient.


  • It has a tendency to lose noticeable image quality.

10. GiftofSpeed

Price: This is a free to use png reducer tool online.


You can not only reduce png file size with this tool but also use its various other independent features to make your websites faster. These tools work well together and are all available from the website of this product.


  • Multiple features.


  • Processing can take some time.


How to reduce PNG file size?

These online tools have made it really easy to reduce png file size. You just need to upload an image or rather images, if the tool supports batch processing, and simply wait for them to process. After a short while, you have to download them and that’s it.

What is the best PNG reducer?

Although reducing png file size is not an extremely complicated task as compared to other kinds of image editing and enhancing tasks, there are still quality measures to be taken care of. All these tools manage that well but if we wanted the best of the best, FreeConvert is a good choice to go with. It has many features and is really good at compression without losing much quality.


You can refer to this guide if you want to know how to compress a png with any of these tools. Speaking of the tools, all of them will serve your basic requirement of reducing png file size without losing image quality. However, some tools are better suited for long-term users with their paid options and extra features. There are some tools that are straightforward and plainly for compression, which is best for users who do not need anything else anyway. 

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