The popular online tool Clipping Magic is much sought after for many kinds of image editing needs, especially for image editing requirements that include background removal. There is a catch though, which usually comes with sites like Clipping Magic, and that is payment. Although you can simply upload or drop an image to Clipping Magic online, you will be asked to pay for the image after it is done processing. You will only be left with a preview on the screen. In such cases, you, of course, need a free Clipping Magic alternative that provides competitive performance and acts as a free Clipping Magic alternative as well. It is definitely possible and in-fact, we will show you two applications that can very well be Clipping Magic alternative tools.

We will look at Vance AI Background Remover to see how it works. You can use it for getting rid of unwanted backgrounds or even objects, including green screens. So, let’s get into this Clipping Magic alternative tool and what it offers. 

Best Clipping Magic Alternative: Vance AI Background Remover

The application from Vance AI is a background remover tool specifically designed for such tasks. If you haven’t suggested from the name till now, there is one major aspect that separates Vance AI and its products from the rest and that is Artificial Intelligence. This component changes the tool in many ways makes it an excellent potential as a Clipping Magic alternative and perhaps more than that.

Vance AI applications all run automatically and what that means exactly is that as a user you no longer have to worry about how to do this or that. You just need to upload images and that’s it, the application will allow you to remove background from image free. There are many tools that are about removing backgrounds but will also require users to do the manual editing. With Vance AI, you are saving valuable time that you can instead spend on working at other images or designing. This is surely the best Clipping Magic alternative that you need to have on your list.

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Features oAI Background Remover

A lot of features that Vance AI Background Remover provides are tied in with the type of account you have as a user. There are three types of accounts: Free, Basic, and Pro. Free account is simply the account that you use as a user who hasn’t chosen to pay for the product yet. These account holders will still enjoy up to 5 credits per month and simple features such as standard processing speeds, 5 MB image size and 2000x2000 resolution limits, and more.

Things change with Basic and Pro. Basic and Pro cost $9.90 per month and $19.90 per month respectively. You will receive 200 credits or 500 credits per month depending on your account type. Other main features include batch processing 5 or 10 images, early access to the latest developments from Vance AI, and an active customer service. Both accounts also give access to faster processing speeds.


How to Use Automatic Background Remover:


  • Click on Upload Image once you reach the home page with the link given above.
  • Click on the plus sign to upload an image and hit Continue.
  • After processing, simply click on Download.


Example Images from free Clipping Magic Alternative

The background remover tool perfectly manages to discern between the background and the object in order to get rid of exactly what needs to be gone. Not to mention that the background and the object have a very similar color palette.




What is the best Clipping Magic Alternative?

All things considered, it is recommended to go for Vance AI Background Remover because of two main reasons. One, Vance AI shows better performance across multiple types of images and two, it has more and better features than other tools. The free account of Vance AI has better options too. 


Is Clipping Magic safe?

Clipping Magic is one of the safer online tools you will find out there because of its standard security protocols regarding uploaded images and user control.

How to use Clipping Magic for Free?

You can always upload and edit images at Clipping Magic but to download them, you will need a paid subscription. You can then use a Clipping Magic alternative or purchase a paid plan from Clipping Magic. Also Read: How to Cut Out Background with Vance AI Background Remover.