The entire spectrum of colors can be broken down into two parts: shades of white and shades of black. That’s also where the question of ‘what is contrast in photography’ comes along. The answer is the division between the two shades in the image, which in photography terms are high contrast images and low contrast images.

High contrast photos have a greater focus on something, usually an object with a significant theme. In terms of color, high-contrast images also contain more intensity in color than low-contrast images. The ability to change contrasts of the same image in a dynamic way didn’t really exist back then but with more and more sophisticated image editors coming in, getting a high contrast mode is one of the many options for such an application.

Although, it is still important to have a competent image editing application that can handle color contrast and similar tasks with expected performance. We take a look at the VanceAI Photo Retoucher application. This is an online tool that can enhance original images and give them an extra boost, in contrast, clarity, etc. 

This photo retouching application can be used for multiple image-enhancing requirements. Let’s look at its features, images, prices, and more. 

Example Images

Some images that display the AI Photo Retoucher in work. 


The color contrast is visibly richer in the second image. The rays have better definitions too, which are reflected all the way from the source to the rocks and grass of the landscape. Speaking of landscapes, the high contrast mode in the new image enables better focus on the objects compared to the before image. This image was a sample image in the application website itself. There are a bunch of other pictures for you to try out. 


This image is a little difficult to discern from the old one since there are fewer colors and details than the previous one. However, one thing that can be seen clearly is the darker tones of the red shades present in the new one and the blue one, but to a less extent. The darker tones do add the contrast. 


The objects, as in the computers, have more brightness to them than the before image. This change is somewhere in the middle in terms of quality because of the nature of the image. An arcade room like this has better visual quality when it has less brightness to it. 


This image has a similar effect to the last wherein there is an increased sense of brightness in the new image than the old. The image looks small due to the original exceeding the limits of the restrictions. The result of this is that the new image has a better color quality than the previous, especially the explosion and the plane. It suits well, basically, for all bright colors such as red and orange. There is a better rain reflection effect in the new image as well. 

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How to Use

  1. You can click the link given to retouch photos and reach straight to the home page. Once there, simply click on Upload Image. 
  2. When you see the pop-up, either select a sample image or click on the upload button to select an image yourself. Then, choose the Continue button. 
  3. Once the image is uploaded, select Start to Process and wait for a second. Later, hit Download to save the image. 

Features & Prices

The VanceAI website or product contains several image editing tools and the total amount of times that you can use its features is five per month. You will get all the fundamental features as a free user but upgrading your account to a paid one will bring in the really great ones. There are two paid options: Basic and Pro. The Basic account will cost you $9.90 per month and offers 200 credits per month. Apart from that, you get access to batch processing of up to 5 images, 3000x3000 resolution limit, and 10 MB image size limit. As for the Pro account, you will be paying $19.90 per month for 500 credits per month. You will also be able to batch process 10 images, benefit from generating PSD files as output, and an advanced AI model for image processing. Both the Basic and Pro accounts provide 24/5 customer service as well as work on the software version of VanceAI. 

The technology behind VanceAI and all of its features is known as ConvNet, which is well-known image processing technology. Also, there are necessary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based algorithms that are at play here. Due to such technology at the server (VanceAI) side, a lot of complex processing is unburdened from the user system all the while making the entire process automatic. As a user, you do not have to think over details, just upload your photos. The system is designed in a way to make the user experience as easy as possible. 


It would be inaccurate to state that the VanceAI Photo Retoucher online application is flawless but it certainly has more than enough to be a dependable one. From the images tested, it suffices to say that the AI Photo Retoucher has enough strength in its technology to handle and deliver well in any image, complex or simple. For users who do not want to straight away buy into a whole new software, the Basic plan can easily suit their situation due to its affordable price and good enough features. It also has a software version, so there’s no worrying about compatibility issues. As for the professionals and frequent users, a Pro plan should do just fine. Not to mention that the credits in any type of account get carried forward into the next month should they remain unused. 

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